Listening to your company's needs and evaluating target demographics provides the pathway to a focused social media strategy. I primarily offer Facebook and Instagram services including: building an initial company Facebook or Instagram page, post and content creation, follower engagement and outreach, demographic and geographic targeting, and social media management. All of these services are geared towards building you a qualified following of prospective customers. I do not participate in "buying" followers, as those methods lead to poor customer conversion rates and will not progress your business. Through creative digital content, targeted geographic and demographic reach, and leverage of proper hashtags and engagement, I will build your brand to drive sales by staying relevant in today's trendy economy.

If you wish to expand your brand even further, I provide sponsorship management services as well for a wide range of events such as fishing tournaments, running events, charity benefits, and brand ambassador recruitment. If you are sponsoring an event, it is important to maximize your exposure as a sponsor! I will make sure the event your sponsoring doesn't turn your sponsorship dollars into just a "name on a list".

I also offer graphic design, web design, and E-commerce services on a case by case basis.